is on the way to become an icon for independent journalism. We strive every moment to be the ideal platform through which Bengal will rise in the global sphere. Our motive is to ensure that no voice is left unheard. See through our lenses, listen through our voice and get the real story! Stay Tuned!

HISTORY embarked on its ambitious journey in December 2020 with youthful energy, courage to face challenges and strenuous sense of responsibility to serve this nation as a truly authentic news portal. We began at a time when the world is passing through the most unprecedented of times. A global pandemic put our social lives on hiatus, but nothing could stop the indomitable spirit of our team. We marched forward to enlighten the world about the current happenings through our website and social media handles. Whether from our computer desks, our being on-spot, has marked its presence everywhere.

OBJECTIVE is moving ahead with the long-term responsibility to make our youth socially conscious of themselves and the society they live in. We give them the platform to champion their causes, to share what they believe in. We believe it is our responsibility to build a better world for the future generations, and we are doing it by making youth-friendly content which engage young people and make them a part of the global conversation.


The uniqueness of lies in its non-partisan position, in the freedom it enjoys from any influence of political parties or vested groups. Its strength is in taking position of neutrality in conflicts between good and evil, justice and injustice, right and wrong, regardless of positions held by any group or alliance. The paper believes to report events objectively, as it is, and without any fear and favor. advocates rule of law, human rights, gender issues, national interests, press freedom, transparency and accountability of people in the administration and in the world of trade and industry on which the news portal has never compromised whatever the costs. No political powers can take it for granted and no-one is given cause to doubt its fairness.


The news portal is headed by a Board of Directors. Head of the body is called Chairman while other members are Directors. The Board of Directors only deals with income and investment of the news portal but have nothing to do with policymaking or news making. The responsibility of policymaking lies with the Editor, who is recruited by the board of Directors.


The Editor is chief of the news, multi-media reporting and editorial units. He is the foremost of all departments and is assisted by the Joint-News-Editor and Sub-Editors for the English and Bangla version of the news portal. An editorial board comprising of Joint-Editor and Sub-Editors are responsible for writing editorials under the supervision of the Editor. The management of the news portal is headed by the Director, Operations. The accounts and admin of the the news portal is headed by the Director, Finance and Admin. The Finance Manager operates the finance and accounts sections. The Human Resources team is responsible for hiring employees whose goals and enthusiasm match with ours.


The news portal is run according to a policy composed in line with its objective and values. Crucial decisions come from the weekly meeting of the Editor with Joint-Editor, reporters and sub-editors usually taking place on Saturdays.

CAPACITIES OF STAFF MEMBERS has hired employees who are expert in their own respective fields. We have a creative team expert for creating illustrations and digital content, and multimedia reporters in various spheres such as COVID-19, World, Bangladesh, Youth, Business, Environment, Human Rights, etc. The team also regularly posts podcasts on the site.

WORKING ENVIRONMENT offers a very healthy working environment to its staff as it firmly believes that a good working environment is the prerequisite of the finest output. We focus on making our employees grow individually as journalists and in that way the organization grows as a team. is adamant on improving inter-personal relationship among its workforce and holds different initiatives to fulfill that.


The news portal maintains a policy to promote female journalists and works closely to groom young journalism graduates. Though has no official gender policy in recruitment of staffs, the portal gives priority to competent female candidates. Presently, has 8 female staff dividing their time between morning and afternoon shift. Female staff may avail maternity leave of four months. The news portal has an unwritten policy for zero tolerance about gender discrimination and has made encouraging instance in this regard. The house never received any verbal or written complaint from any of its female staffs about sexual harassment so far.