None can truly comprehend the sorrow of losing loved ones as I do: PM


Published: March 4, 2024, 03:10 PM

None can truly comprehend the sorrow of losing loved ones as I do: PM

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina addressed the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) during their annual day parade today, emphasising the paramount importance of adhering to the chain of command for maintaining discipline within the ranks.

"Keep in mind that the chain of command is the most important driving power for a disciplined force. Never break the discipline; continue following the chain of command," Sheikh Hasina urged the BGB members.

The premier was addressing the parade of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Day-2024 at its headquarters in Dhaka.

The prime minister reflected on her government‍‍`s initiatives to bolster the BGB, citing the enactment of the Border Guard Bangladesh Act 2010 as a pivotal step towards enhancing the force‍‍`s capabilities. "Now BGB has been built as an efficient, strong, modern three-dimensional force," she said, adding that BGB is now capable of performing its duty on land, water, and air.

She said the Awami League government adopted the "Border Guard Bangladesh Vision-2041" in a bid to develop the BGB as a world-class border guard force.

"We want Border Guard Bangladesh to be developed as a world-class border force, and march forward as border sentinels, becoming a symbol of trust for the people of Bangladesh," she said adding that BGB will also be a smart force in Smart Bangladesh by 2041.

"Alongside protecting the border, the BGB resisted different border crimes including smuggling, drug and women, children trafficking in a responsible manner," she said.

Apart from playing the role as sentinels on the border, the BGB stands beside the people during any problem like arson violence in the country and always plays a role in protecting the lives and property, and thus they gained the trust and confidence of the nation, she said.

Recalling the 2009 BDR mutiny, Prime Minister Hasina shared her deep emotional connection to the tragedy, in which 74 individuals, including 57 distinguished officers, were tragically killed. The events unfolded on February 25 and 26, 2009, marking one of the darkest chapters in Bangladesh‍‍`s history.

The PM said she feels a profound sorrow, remembering the lives lost during the mutiny. She offered prayers for the souls of the deceased and extended her heartfelt condolences to their families.

"No one can truly comprehend the depth of sorrow that comes with losing loved ones, as I do," Hasina stated, emphasising her personal empathy for the bereaved families.

The prime minister reassured that those responsible for the mutiny have been held accountable, expressing her hope that such a tragedy will never be repeated.

Turning to the advancements made under her leadership, the PM outlined significant steps taken to modernise the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), noting the recruitment of 35,517 soldiers over the past 15 years. A notable milestone in inclusivity, her government initiated the integration of women into the force, with 936 female soldiers joining since 2015.

In response to emerging threats, her administration has implemented the ‍‍`Smart Digital Surveillance and Tactical Border Response System‍‍` across vulnerable sections of the border, enhancing surveillance capabilities and bolstering defences against trans-border terrorism.

Further emphasising her commitment to border security and regional development, Hasina highlighted the construction of 1,036 km of border roads. This infrastructure project aims not only to secure the hilly border areas but also to improve the socio-economic conditions of remote communities.

The prime minister inspected a spectacular parade arranged at Bir Uttam Anwar Hossain Parade Ground in Pilkhana, riding on an open decorated vehicle, and then received salute of the march-past.

She handed over the BGB Medal, President BGB Medal, BGB Medal-Service and President BGB Medal-Service to 72 selected BGB personnel in recognition of their heroic and outstanding contribution to different activities of the force.

The PM unveiled a sculpture of Bangabandhu titled "Prerona" at the BGB headquarters.

Earlier, on her arrival, Sheikh Hasina was received by Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan and BGB Director General Major General Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman Siddiqui.

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