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Google wishes ‘Happy Father’s Day’ with a special doodle

By :The Report Desk
Published : Jun 19, 2022 04:43:00 PM | Lifestyle

On the occasion of Father's Day, search engine giant Google Sunday wished 'Happy Father's Day' with a special doodle. In India, Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. This year, Father's Day has arrived on June 19.

Google wrote, "Whether they are near or far, make Dad a little piece of art from your heart in today's interactive, digital card-maker Doodle. Happy Father's Day!"

Why is Father's Day celebrated on the third Sunday of June?

The special day was founded by Sonora Smart Dodd in the US. Sonora's father William Jackson Smart was a war veteran who selflessly raised six children all alone. Sonora had heard about how Anna Jarvis had created International Mother's Day in honor of her mother. So she told the pastor of her church that should be something similar to celebrate fathers.

Father's Day is celebrated worldwide to honour the importance of dads in their children's lives. In most countries, the day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, but in Spain and Portugal, it is celebrated on March 19. In Russia, Taiwan, and Thailand, father's day is celebrated on February 23, August 8, and December 5, respectively.