No concrete bridge in 52 years for 40,000 villagers in Nilphamari


Published: March 2, 2024, 01:12 PM

No concrete bridge in 52 years for 40,000 villagers in Nilphamari

For over half a century, approximately 40,000 residents of six villages in the Bhograburi union of Domar upazila, Nilphamari district, have faced daily peril crossing the Buri Teesta River due to the absence of a concrete bridge. The local populace relies on a dilapidated bamboo bridge, now on the brink of collapse, exposing them to significant risks.

The urgency of the situation escalates during the monsoon season, exacerbating the plight of students, farmers, the elderly, and women who are compelled to navigate this treacherous crossing. The precarious bamboo structure serves as the only link to education for many students, with several schools situated across the river.

Residents recount unfulfilled promises from political leaders, who vow to construct a permanent bridge during election campaigns, only to disregard these commitments post-election. Kajal, a local inhabitant, voiced the community‍‍`s longstanding plea for a concrete bridge since Bangladesh‍‍`s independence, lamenting the continuous oversight by authorities.

Manju Islam, a representative from No. 7 Ward of Boroshashi union, echoed the community‍‍`s frustration over the prolonged wait for a safe crossing solution, highlighting the desperation felt by thousands.

In response to inquiries, Mustak Ahmed, the recently appointed Domar Upazila Engineer, acknowledged the dire situation. He committed to conducting an investigation and assured that measures would be taken to address this critical infrastructure need.

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