Monday, 04 Jul, 2022

BRAC temporarily halts loan recovery in flood affected areas

By :The Report Desk
Published : Jun 19, 2022 04:38:00 PM | Latest

BRAC, the international development organisation based in Bangladesh, has temporarily suspend loan recovery works from borrowers in the flood affected areas until further notice.

Meanwhile, the organisation has allocated Tk 3 crore from its funds as emergency relief for the people affected by the ongoing flood.

Initially, the relief will provide support to around 52,000 families, said a press release on Saturday.

According to the release, the money will be used to provide dry food, safe drinking water, oral saline, matches, candles, essential medicines and other services to people affected by flood. The allocation will also be used to rescue the marooned people.

BRAC said it has been working alongside local government since the beginning of the recent flood situation in the country.