Price of 12 kg LPG decreases to 1393 taka

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Published: May 2, 2024, 06:11 PM

Price of 12 kg LPG decreases to 1393 taka

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Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) has announced a reduction of 49 Taka per cylinder on the price of 12 kg LPG, setting it at 1,393 Taka.

The new prices will be effective from Thursday evening. Previously, in April, the price had decreased by 40 Taka, making it 1,442 Taka.

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This information was disclosed in a press conference held at the BERC office on Thursday, May 2nd.

According to the new rates set by BERC, the price per kg of non-subsidized LPG, including supplementary duty (SD) or value-added tax (VAT), has been fixed at 116 Taka 8 paisa, which was 116 Taka 36 paisa last month. Accordingly, the prices of LPG cylinders of various sizes will be determined.

The price of LPG supplied by government companies remains unchanged at 690 Taka. However, the new price of LPG used in vehicles (auto gas) has been set at 63 Taka 92 paisa per liter, which was 66 Taka 21 paisa until now.

LPG cylinders of various sizes, starting from 5 kg to 45 kg, are supplied in the market. Apart from household cooking, LPG is also being used in restaurants, transportation, and small to large industries. Over 99 percent of this market is dominated by private entities.

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