Anar murder, Benazir corruption in DU Exam questions

Ahsan Munna

Published: June 3, 2024, 09:25 PM

Anar murder, Benazir corruption in DU Exam questions


Two highly debated contemporary events have recently surfaced in the midterm exam question paper at Dhaka University, the country‍‍`s premier institution.

In the “Theories of Social Change” (SOC 502) midterm exam for the 2023 Master‍‍`s class of the Sociology Department, the first two questions reference these significant recent incidents.

The question paper was uploaded to a Facebook page named "The Beauty of DU Campus."

The first question, quoting a significant portion of a news article titled “Bangladesh MP Was Honey-Trapped, Rs 5 Crore Paid For His Gory Murder: Cops” published by Indian media NDTV on May 24, asks students to analyze the event in light of the social change theories of Marx, Freud, Marcuse, and Harvey.

The second question, referencing a news article titled Benazir’s corruption: What messages do govt’s attitude, ACC proactivity give?” published by Somoy TV on May 29, asks students to evaluate the strategies for wealth acquisition in Bangladesh according to Marx and Harvey‍‍`s theories.

Additionally, the third question in the uploaded question paper features the translation of verses 20-21 from Ramayana 3.46, describing Sita‍‍`s beauty. Students are asked to explain the Freudian expression of desire in ancient Indian culture.

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