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My house is surrounded by police: Mirza Abbas claimed at the press conference

By :The Report Desk
Published : Dec 05, 2022 02:14:00 PM | Latest

BNP leader Mirza Abbas has claimed that his house in Shahjahanpur of the capital has been surrounded by the police. He said this act cannot suppress BNP's rally on December 10.

Mirza Abbas was scheduled to hold a press briefing around 12:30 PM on Monday. However, he said he has been given restrictions on going out of his house and that is why he has joined the conference from his home.

This BNP leader said in the press conference that “A search post has been set up in front of the house of former Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia, our activists are being arrested and harassed and today my house is under siege”. These are being done to suppress the mass gathering on 10 December. They cannot suppress BNP's mass rally. He also added that the government is doing this because they have the fear of losing power.