Central BCL, DU Chhatra League once again in open conflict

Mahmud Nakib

Published: March 5, 2024, 12:35 AM

Central BCL, DU Chhatra League once again in open conflict

The dispute between the Dhaka University (DU) Chhatra League and the senior leadership of the Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) does not seem to end.

Following recent fights between BCL and DU at Jagannath Hall, where one party was not appreciated at the central BCL conference, and the BCL‍‍`s control over its seven affiliated government college branches, these two sides publicly clashed over the ‍‍`BSL Inter-University Futsal Competition 2024,‍‍` which the BCL had initiated for the first time.

The Inter-University Futsal Competition 2024 started on Monday (March 4) with 64 universities of the country at the Shaheed Suhrawardi Indoor Stadium in the capital‍‍`s Mirpur.

Futsal competition opening ceremony. Photo: Facebook

But Dhaka University Chhatra League boycotted this competition.

According to sources, DU Chhatra League had given a condition that if Rajshahi University participates in futsal then the DU Chhatra League will boycott it. At first it was said that Rajshahi University will not participate in Futsal. But later it is discovered that Rajshahi University has been kept in Futsal.

Six Dhaka University players were injured in an attack by Rajshahi University students during the final match of the Inter-University Cricket Tournament on February 12. Dhaka University administration and Dhaka University Chhatra League condemned the incident.

The opening ceremony of the futsal competition was held on Sunday (March 3).

However, the main reason for the boycott of DU Chhatra League‍‍`s futsal competition is that all the players of the university along with the Chhatra League president and general secretary of the supposed  units were invited on the said occasion. But, DU Chhatra League president and general secretary were not invited.

The top leaders of the Central and DU Chhatra League are seen smiling in a selfie, but their conflict is now in the fore. Photo: Facebook

In this regard sports secretary of DU Chhatra League Parvez Munshi said, "We went there with our team as Futsal team coordinator of Dhaka University. However, we did not see our DU Chhatra League President Mazharul Kabir Shoyon and General Secretary Tanbir Hasan Shaikat as guests. When we came to know that they were not invited by Central Chhatra League, we boycotted this Futsal tournament."

Bangladesh Chhatra League President (Central) Saddam Hossain said that he is not aware of the boycott of Futsal tournament by Dhaka University.


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