Beating my Bangali immigrants, professors, USA now preaching Human Rights: PM

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Published: April 30, 2024, 08:57 PM

Beating my Bangali immigrants, professors, USA now preaching Human Rights: PM

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recently took a swipe at the United States, highlighting what she sees as a discrepancy in its approach to human rights. Speaking candidly, she stated, "The United States does not look at its own face in the mirror, but gives everything to Bangladesh about human rights."

In her critique, the Awami League president posed a thought-provoking question, "If a political party raised its hands on a US police officer, what would the police do there?" She pointed out a recent incident where American police did not intervene when citizens protested against the war, implying a double standard. "A few days ago, the American police did not oppress the common people‍‍`s movement for opposing the war. It is a violation of human rights. What is the answer?"

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has voiced her concerns about the persistent spread of anti-national sentiments by certain politicians and intellectuals, questioning their motives amidst Bangladesh‍‍`s forward march.

Speaking at a gathering of the Awami League‍‍`s central executive on Tuesday, hosted at the official residence Ganobhaban, she highlighted the disconnect between progress and criticism.

"The Awami League operates on a foundation of trust in our nation and its people. Despite global acknowledgment of our strides, detractors continue to find fault," remarked Prime Minister Hasina. Undeterred by the negativity, she emphasized Bangladesh‍‍`s determination to surge ahead, undaunted by detractors.

Directing her criticism towards the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Prime Minister Hasina labeled it as a party devoid of significance, capable only of remote control instructions. She urged the populace not to overlook the BNP‍‍`s past transgressions, particularly recalling events of October 28th. "BNP‍‍`s governance was marked by plundering, and now they critique our administration for its inability to do the same," she added.

Taking aim at the BNP‍‍`s credibility, the Awami League president asserted that her party‍‍`s rapport with the populace stems from tangible benefits delivered. In contrast, parties reliant on electoral fraud now find themselves at odds with democratic principles. "Those who question the validity of our elections fail to grasp the electorate‍‍`s contentment," she remarked.

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