President lauds business cooperation amid global economic challenges

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Published: June 11, 2024, 06:40 PM

President lauds business cooperation amid global economic challenges

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President Mohammed Shahabuddin praised the resilience of Bangladesh’s economy on Tuesday, attributing its stability to the government‍‍`s decisive actions and the cooperation of the business community, despite global economic setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and Israel’s war on Palestine.

Speaking at the Pabna Circuit House during a meeting with representatives from the Pabna District Chamber of Commerce, President Shahabuddin highlighted the critical role of business leaders in navigating these challenges.

During the exchange, Pabna Chamber of Commerce President Saiful Alam Swapan Chowdhury outlined various issues related to local trade and business activities.

President Shahabuddin emphasized the government‍‍`s commitment to considering businessmen‍‍`s advice in forming trade and investment policies. He also expressed hope that business activities would continue to adhere to regulations, adding that people should not suffer due to the unethical practices of highly profitable businesses.

In discussing the recently proposed budget of approximately TK 8 lakh crore, President Shahabuddin called for full cooperation from the business community to ensure its successful implementation.

Highlighting Pabna‍‍`s rich traditions and commercial potential in sectors such as agriculture and industry, the President urged business leaders to capitalize on these opportunities. He also encouraged initiatives aimed at creating employment and fostering entrepreneurship.

The meeting was attended by secretaries of the President, who supported the discussions with local business leaders.

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