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Major changes proposed for SSC exams

Ahsan Munna

Published: June 1, 2024, 05:17 PM

Major changes proposed for SSC exams

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In the 2024 SSC exams, 166,602 students from nine educational boards across Bangladesh failed in mathematics, representing 8.81% of all examinees. However, failure rates in other subjects were significantly lower. This disparity highlights the unique challenges students face with mathematics.

Historically, students might fail one or two subjects due to illness or unforeseen events, impacting their academic progression. The introduction of a new curriculum promises significant changes, potentially allowing students to advance to higher grades despite failing certain subjects.

Key Changes in the New Curriculum

Elimination of Test Exams
Future SSC exams will not include test or preliminary exams. Students advancing from ninth to tenth grade will be eligible to sit for the final SSC exams.

Conditional Promotion to Eleventh Grade

Under the proposed curriculum by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB), students failing up to two subjects in the SSC exams can still enroll in the eleventh grade, provided they pass the failed subjects within the next two years. However, students failing three or more subjects will not be eligible for this provision.

Assessment Breakdown: 65% Written, 35% Activity-Based

The evaluation structure will undergo a major overhaul, with 65% of the assessment based on written exams and 35% on activity-based evaluations, as recommended by the NCTB.

Minimum 70% Attendance Requirement

Students must maintain a minimum of 70% attendance to be eligible to sit for the SSC exams. This is a new stipulation in the proposed curriculum.

Introduction of a Seven-Point Grading System

The traditional GPA system will be replaced with a new seven-point grading scale, which includes: ‍‍`Exceptional,‍‍` ‍‍`Proficient,‍‍` ‍‍`Advanced,‍‍` ‍‍`Active,‍‍` ‍‍`Inquisitive,‍‍` ‍‍`Developing,‍‍` and ‍‍`Beginning.‍‍`

Exams Scheduled for December

Starting from 2026, SSC exams will be held in December instead of February. The Ministry of Education has indicated that 600 subject-specific teachers will form a ‍‍`subject pool‍‍` to align with this new schedule.

Five-Hour Exam Duration

The new SSC exams will span five hours, including breaks. Despite the change in duration, exams will continue to be held at centers other than the students‍‍` own schools.

Focus on Tenth Grade Syllabus
Currently, SSC exams cover the syllabi of both ninth and tenth grades. The new structure will focus exclusively on the tenth grade syllabus.

Exams on Ten Subjects
Students will be tested on ten subjects: Bengali, English, Mathematics, Science, History and Social Science, Digital Technology, Life and Livelihood, Religious Studies, Health Protection, and Arts and Culture.

The NCTB is optimistic that these proposed changes will soon be approved by the National Curriculum Coordination Committee (NCCC).

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