Luxury eid attire: Vasavi showroom unveils Tk 1.89 lakh punjabi

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Published: March 27, 2024, 05:20 PM

Luxury eid attire: Vasavi showroom unveils Tk 1.89 lakh punjabi

Photo: The Report Dot Live

As Eid approaches, the allure of traditional attire, particularly the Punjabi, takes center stage. In the realm of fashion, the adage "Your desire can cost you hundreds of thousand taka" resonates strongly, with ambitious buyers ready to splurge on their sartorial fantasies.

One particular Eid Punjabi has garnered attention at the Vasavi showroom in Gulshan-1, tagged with a staggering price of 1 lakh 89 thousand taka. Beyond its exorbitant price tag lies a tale of exceptional craftsmanship and unique design.

Hailing from Manoj Agarwal in Mumbai, this Punjabi showcases extraordinary artistry, setting it apart from conventional designs. Adorned with intricate zardosi, embroidery, and spring work on premium fabrics, including high-quality cotton, this piece promises enduring elegance, with gold-plated accents adding to its allure.

Farid Ahmed, the senior section in charge at Vasavi Fashion, sheds light on the sourcing process, revealing that these exclusive Punjabis are procured from India for 50 to 60 thousand rupees, with a margin for profit upon resale. With an eye on customer preferences, Vasavi Fashion has taken a bold step this Eid, introducing just three pieces of this luxurious Punjabi to gauge market demand.

According to Mr. Farid, the uniqueness of this Punjabi lies in its special features, distinguishing it from ordinary offerings. Recognizing the evolving tastes of their clientele, Vasavi Fashion has invested in bringing quality, innovation, and exclusivity to the forefront of their collection.

Despite its classification as a Punjabi, this distinctive garment bears a striking resemblance to the Sherwani, blurring the lines between the two traditional styles. As Eid festivities draw near, the question remains: Will this fusion of ‍‍`Sherwani cum Punjabi‍‍` capture the imagination of buyers, or will it remain a niche indulgence in the world of haute couture?

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