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A recent survey conducted by the Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) revealed the data.

More than 78 % female UNOs face difficulties performing duties: Study

By :Staff Reporter
Published : Nov 04, 2021 11:02:00 PM | Youth

Among the female Upazila Nirbahi Officers (UNO) of the country, 78.30 per cent have been facing difficulties in performing their duties. The list of non-cooperators and pressure creating groups includes government officials, journalists and politicians.

A recent survey conducted by the Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) titled “Role of Women Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) in establishing good governance at the local level: Challenges and Way Forward” found out the information.

A webinar held on Thursday to unveil the research findings and the documents related to the research with the assistance of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB).

In the webinar the researcher Nahid Sharmin discussed the key findings while Executive Director of TIB Iftekharuzzaman and others were on the screen.

The findings show, 91 per cent female UNOs succeed in dealing with Covid-19 situation though they didn’t get adequate budget, and have got law enforcers non-cooperative.

As many as 98 per cent women UNOs were successful in dealing with National Disaster and 89.10 per cent have taken steps to prevent corruption.

Iftekharuzzaman, executive director of Transparency International Bangladesh, said that we have an achievement in women empowerment but evil work has faded the achievement.

“We see a positive relation between women empowerment and good governance,” he added.

149 women UNOs are currently serving the nation. Among those UNOs only 45 have participated in the survey though the researcher claimed to be communicating all of them.