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Suffering from indigestion? Adding apple cider vinegar in your daily routine might help

By :The Report Desk
Published : Aug 04, 2022 01:24:00 PM | Lifestyle

Consuming apple cider vinegar is one of the greatest treatments for indigestion. Apple cider vinegar, which is made from fermented apple juice, has numerous health advantages. In general, digestive problems can now be treated at home using apple cider vinegar. One idea is that bloating can be quickly and successfully treated with ACV. However, there is not much actual evidence to support this specific treatment

Apple sugar is fermented to produce apple cider vinegar. This transforms them into acetic acid, the primary active component of vinegar and maybe the source of its health advantages.

How to use ACV for bloating?

People might want to give ACV a try to see whether it eases their symptoms and here is how you can have it.

  • It's easy to use ACV to treat bloating. For a person to mix a tablespoon of ACV with a small glass of warm water, then to drink it before or after eating, or whenever they feel bloated.
  • ACV can aid in reducing the symptoms of bloating and is found in a variety of beverages, salad dressings, and other meals.
  • ACV pills are an option for some people who dislike the taste. To ensure that these capsules reach the stomach, it is crucial to accompany them with a full glass of water.


Unfiltered, organic ACV is best to use in all ways. The natural ACV contains strands of yeast and bacteria that gives the vinegar a blurry look. Unfiltered ACV may also contain trace minerals, proteins, and enzymes that are absent in filtered ACV. Shake up the vinegar before measuring it to capture these bacteria and yeasts as well. Filtered ACV will look almost transparent in comparison, even after shaking.