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In addition to acting in films, Golam Mustafa performed well in dramas staged in theatre and in teleplays.

Golam Mustafa: The legend

By :Staff Correspondent
Published : Feb 20, 2021 04:24:00 PM | SHOWBIZ

Though the celebrated actor has gone physically, but left his numerous outstanding works, thoughts, and ideals. 

Golam Mustafa was a performing artist mainly in the branches of theatre, cinema and poetry recitation. Born on March 2, 1935 in Khulna district, Mustafa began performing at an early age.

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He first acted in play, Pallimabgal, staged at the Aswini Kumar Town Hall, Barisal, in 1945. In the same year, he drew attention of the audience by reciting from Kazi Nazrul Islam’s Oi Nam at the Barisal Zilla School on the occasion of Fatiha-i-Yazdaham. 

Golam Mustafa had been performing mainly in theatre until early 1960s and he extended his performing career to cinemas. He made immense reputation as an actor in both cinema and theatre.

One specialty about him as an actor was that he could perform equally in all sorts of roles - be it a hero or a villain. He made his mark even as a supporting actor.

He performed in about three hundred films in various characters, both in Bangla and Urdu. Noted of his films are (in Urdu) Pireet Na Jane Reet, Kajal, Chokhai, Chanda, Talash, etc; and (in Bangla) Ali Baba Challish Chor, Rajdhanir Bookay, Nijeke Haraye Khunji, Raktakta Bangla, Rupali Saikate, Seemana Periye, Titas Ekti Nadir Nam, Surya Sangram, Padma Nadir Majhi, Emilir Goyenda Bahini, Shubhada, Shraban Megher Din, Dhire Bahe Meghna, Chandranath, Debdas, etc.

In addition to acting in films, Golam Mustafa performed well in dramas staged in theatre and in teleplays. He also acted as a role model in a number of commercials.

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Golam Mustafa was an accomplished cultural activist and a prominent person in the literary society. He wrote features on social and political issues for the periodicals.

He also wrote on modern films. He translated the Fair Wind to Virginia by Colonel Maigs. It was published by the United States Information Service, Dhaka, under the title Natun Juger Bhore.

Many of his translation works were published in different weekly magazines. In recognition of his contribution to film, Golam Mustafa was honoured with the Ekushey Padak in 2001.

He also received the National Film Award and the Bangladesh Film Journalist Association Award. Golam Mustafa died on 20 February 2003.