Monday, 05 Dec, 2022

Padma Bridge collects over Tk52 crore tolls in 20 days

By :The Report Desk
Published : Jul 16, 2022 05:52:00 PM | Latest

Padma Bridge, the country's biggest self-financed mega project, has collected a total of Tk52,55,35,650 tolls in the first 20 days since it opened to traffic.

According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges, some 450,317 vehicles from both sides crossed the Padma Bridge during this period.

The bridge authority collected the highest amount of toll – Tk4,19,39,650 – from 31,723 vehicles on 8 July.

Its second-highest or Tk3,16,53,200 toll was collected on 1 July from 26,398 vehicles.

On 26 June when the bridge first opened to traffic; Tk2,09,40,300 toll was collected from 51,316 vehicles.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges fixed the toll for a car or an SUV at Tk750; pickup van at Tk1,200; microbus at Tk1,300; minibus (up to 31 seats) at Tk1,400 and medium bus (32 seats or more) at Tk2,000 and motorcycle at Tk100.

In addition, the rate has been set at Tk1,600 for a mini truck (up to five tonnes); Tk2,100 for a medium truck (5-8 tonnes); Tk2,800 for a medium truck (8-11 tonnes); Tk5,500 for truck (up to three-axle) and Tk6,000 for trailer (up to four axles). An additional Tk1,500 will be charged for each axle for a trailer larger than four axles.