Students demand 5% quota limit

Staff Reporter

Published: June 10, 2024, 05:19 PM

Students demand 5% quota limit


Students from Dhaka College held a protest demanding the abolition of all quotas in government jobs, including the 30% quota for freedom fighters. They insist on maintaining only a 5% quota to ensure equality in job examinations.

The protest began at 11 AM on Monday and marched through the Nilkhet area before concluding on the Dhaka College campus. Students argue that reinstating the 30% freedom fighter quota is unacceptable and unconstitutional in a democratic country. They demand the elimination of all quotas in government jobs.

Ayub Hossain, a student at Dhaka College, stated, “Considering the special needs, a 5% quota should be maintained while abolishing all other quotas.”

Another student, Afzal, added, “Honoring freedom fighters should not include giving their children and grandchildren special job privileges. According to Bangladesh’s constitution, students demand equality in job examinations.”

Student Aminur Rashid expressed, “If the children of freedom fighters are given widespread access to government jobs, the meritorious candidates will lose opportunities. Unqualified individuals will replace the deserving ones in government positions.”

In response to student pressure, the government abolished the 30% freedom fighter quota and 10% district and women quotas for first and second class government job recruitment on October 4, 2018. However, quotas remained for third and fourth class jobs. Last Wednesday, the High Court reinstated the freedom fighter quota for first and second class jobs, sparking protests from students at Dhaka University and other universities across Dhaka and various districts. Students have pledged to continue their movement until the quotas are abolished.

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