Friday, 12 Aug, 2022
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Tangail gang-rape victim describes the night of terror

By :The Report Desk
Published : Aug 05, 2022 09:52:00 AM | Latest

The victim who suffered a gang rape at a moving night coach in Tangail shared her experience. She is now undergoing treatment at Tangail 250-bed general hospital under police protection. She described the incident to the law enforcers.

She said, the dacoits were onboard the bus from three separate spots. One of them locked in an altercation with the bus conductor over sitting.

Police said, the dacoit gang robbed the passengers and beat them after they got on the bus disguised as passengers. They also raped a female passenger.

The robbers stopped the bus in front of Mojibar’s residence in the opposite direction of Roktipara mosque in Madhupur around 3:30 am and fled the spot.

A passenger named Hekmat Ali filed a case as a plaintiff with Madhupur police station on Wednesday night.

According to the case statement, 10-12 members of the inter-district robbery gang took control of the bus for three hours. Police held one suspect in connection with the robbery named Raza Mia who took control of the bus from the main driver.

Describing the incident the gang-rape victim said, “I got on the bus from a place in Kushtia. I reached at a hotel in Sirajganj around 11:30 am. The bus left the area after the passengers had their meals. After five minutes, three young men were onboard the bus. They aged 20-22.

“They said, we have more people ahead. Later, four more people got on the bus. One of them said, I have more people onward. Six more people got on the bus inside Sirajganj. They were given all the back seats.”

Claiming her as a wife of a transport worker the woman said, “I booked two seats. One was vacant. If I get any female passengers, I would accompany her or the seat would remain vacant. When one of the dacoits wanted to seat beside me, the conductor obstructed him. Later, the conductor sat beside the men. They (conductor and passenger) locked into an altercation regarding this issue.

“Three people went to the driver and said, we want to get off. They put a knife on the driver’s neck, picked up the driver and helper and took control of the bus. They were taken to the backseats and tied. The conductor was also taken.”

“All men were tied. Later, they started tying the women, snatched all money, mobile and ornaments.”

“Then with me……I was interrogating them……they raped me. Only me.”

“The victim is undergoing treatment. In such cases, the victim needs to be medically tested. We have already formed a medical board. Examining her physical condition is underway,” said the hospital’s caretaker Khandaker Sadikur Rahman.