Wednesday, 01 Feb, 2023

Actually what should they wear?

By :Fuad Hasan
Published : Sep 19, 2022 01:00:00 PM | Latest

Should they wear middle eastern (hijab/burkha) or western (jeans/tops) or subcontinental (saree/salwar) attire? 


A lot of the choices we make throughout our lives are mostly influenced by the ideas we gather from our surroundings. It largely depends on where we are born, where and what we study, what friends and neighbors we have and so on. There's barely anything that we can call our own deliberate choice,  because all the choices are influenced either by this theory or that philosophy.


That's okay, cause you can't born with choices. 


So, you can't really blame/hate a woman for "choosing" to wear something that'd entirely cover herself up or "choosing" to be "bold" in the way she dresses. It's rather wise to, if not love, respect both as just another human being making another regular choice. 


But if it comes to moral policing-- forcing/bullying/torturing-- for her "choices" differing from your "choices," that's when we completely misunderstand the game and play foul! 


The earlier we understand this the better. 


(Reference- the incident of an Iranian girl, Mahsa Amini, being beaten to death for not wearing her hijab "properly," and many more stories where a woman is bullied for wearing a burkha/hijab).