DU students blame not enough psychiatry for suicides

Tajfiha Ukhrose Tuba

Published: September 21, 2023, 01:29 AM

DU students blame not enough psychiatry for suicides

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Every year, thousands of young people enroll in their dream University-- University of Dhaka to achieve higher studies and make their dream come true. But many of these dreamers who come to study in DU suffer depression due to various socio-economic reasons. This depression leads many to despair, which eventually leads them to commit suicide.

Many students complain that their studies are only talked about, their mental stress is never discussed in that way. That is why no mental treatment is provided here.

These students need proper counseling and psychotherapy. But the university does not have these facilities. In addition, many university students are reluctant to undergo this expensive treatment. As a result, students‍‍` mental problems are becoming apparent day by day.

Last Wednesday night, Kazi Feroz, a student of Chinese Language and Culture Department in session 19-20, committed suicide. He was a student of Freedom Fighter Ziaur Rahman Hall. His friends said that the main reason for the suicide was depression due to love.

Students complain that the university authorities keep track of studies but do not keep track of students‍‍` minds. Nor does it help them overcome their depression.

At present, there are about half a lakh students studying in the university including regular and evening courses students. But there is no counseling service in boys‍‍` halls. In contrast, all the girls‍‍` halls have psychologists.

About 30 part-time counselors are working as counselors in TSC counseling center. There is one full-time councillor, Saifunnesa Zaman. She said that about 30-35 students take services here every day. Recently evening counseling service has been started in the centre which is conducted every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 4pm to 8pm.

Director of TSC Counseling Center Mehjabin Haque said that counseling is provided here using various methods and no medicine is advised. Because they believe that it is possible to be healthy in a beautiful environment and in the presence of beautiful people. They regularly organize various programs, seminars, symposiums on mental health awareness. Eg: A seminar on Suicide Prevention is organized on Suicide Day.

-Psychiatry is expensive-

There is Nasirullah Psychotherapy Unit on the 4th floor of the Psychology Department. The treatment in the Department of Education Psychology and Counseling on the 5th floor of the Psychology Department is very cost-effective. There are 10 clinical psychologists working in Nasirullah Psychotherapy Unit, out of which 2 have online and 8 in person counseling sessions. Six people take this service in six slots a day. But the visit here is Tk 800 which is expensive for  students. As a result, students are not interested in receiving the service by bearing that cost. There is also no discount for students.

Dhaka University‍‍`s new proctor Professor Maksudur Rahman said that there is a plan to appoint one psychologist in the boys‍‍` residential halls and it will be implemented soon.

-Counselling services-

University students have to register their names first. After that an appointment is given at a fixed time within a maximum of three days. The counselor listens to the student‍‍`s problems and gives necessary advice and guidance at scheduled times. However, if the condition of the student is very serious, he/she is quickly brought under medical treatment. A student is treated in multiple sessions until completely cured.

Five days a week from Sunday to Thursday 9:30 am -4:00 pm (01788-687114) students can get information and appointments. The office has an official Facebook page called Students Counseling & Guidance office, University of Dhaka. It also provides information on various counseling programs and workshops.

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