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December 16, 1971 was not a 'victory of Bangladesh', it was 'India's victory over Pakistan', Kangana wrote in a Facebook post.

Kangana under fire for remarks on Victory Day

By :Entertainment Desk
Published : Dec 17, 2021 10:28:00 PM | SHOWBIZ

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has come under fire from Bangladeshi netizens for making controversial remarks on Bangladesh's Victory Day.

She was slammed for sharing a post on her verified Facebook fan page and Instagram on Thursday (December 16) at noon.

In that post, Kangana wrote that December 16, 1971 was not a 'victory of Bangladesh'. That year's victory was 'India's victory over Pakistan' and marked the golden jubilee of India's victory in 2021.

In the post, Kangana shared some stills taken with the Indian Army at different times. "Salute to the bravery and sacrifice of the Indian Armed Forces," she wrote in the post. Wrote in the hashtag - Victory Day, Sonali Vijay, Amrit Mahautsab.

Many including Barrister Kaiser Kamal, Dilip Ghosh, Sabbir Chowdhury asked Kangana to correct the mistake. They said, "Correct what you have written, this is the victory of Bangladesh."

Also, many local showbiz people made negative comments on Kangana's post. Among them are Joy Chowdhury and Nishat Nawar Salwa.

Joy wrote in protest, “Please do not distort history. This is the golden jubilee of Bangladesh's victory against Pakistan, not India. India has helped us, for which we are grateful. We have made many sacrifices to achieve this victory. Don't hurt our feelings. "