Rafsan’s electrolyte drink BLU faced penalty not to maintain hygiene

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Published: May 17, 2024, 02:38 PM

Rafsan’s electrolyte drink BLU faced penalty not to maintain hygiene

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Content creator Iftekhar Rafsan, prominently known as Rafsan TheChotoBhai’s electrolyte drink producing company BLU was fined by Tk 30,000 in a raid by government agencies.

The raid was directed by Cumilla district administration and Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) jointly on April 24.

BLU drinks manufacturing plant in Comilla was fined for operating in an unhygienic environment and failing to implement quality control measures.

The Mobile Court is headed by Cumilla Executive Magistrate and Senior Assistant Commissioner Farhana Nasreen from Deputy Commissioner‍‍`s Office. BSTI, Cumilla Office Officer Arif Uddin Priya, Inspector (Metrology) acted as prosecutor and Iqbal Ahmed, Field Officer (CM) provided overall support.

M/s. DrinkBlu Beverages, B-33, Bscic Shilpanagari, Adarsh Sadar, Cumilla; the company was manufacturing ‍‍`electrolyte drink‍‍` products without obtaining packaging registration certificate. 

In addition to having no automation machine, the electrolyte drinks called Blu were being prepared by women workers in a dirty environment without maintaining any hygiene or dress code.

Meanwhile, because there was no measuring device in the factory, these drinks were being bottled by hand. Tk 30,000 fined under section 41 of Standards of Weights and Measures Act 2018 for packaging and marketing without registration, according to the court officials. 

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