Rally held at DU against Israeli Zionism

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Published: May 3, 2024, 10:23 PM

Rally held at DU against Israeli Zionism

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The women and children of the Filistin Sanghati Committee Bangladesh have staged demonstrations against Zionism and western imperialism, demanding a ceasefire in Gaza where thousands of innocent women and children are being killed every day in the name of so-called war.

The demonstration was held in front of the national museum at Shahbag around 4 pm. Professor Emeritus Sherajul Islam Chowdhury presided over the demonstration and joined the program as the chief guest.

The demonstration was joined by several left-leaning political parties where women and children from other districts joined spontaneously with placards and paintings in their hands.

Expressing deep sympathy with the people of Gaza and West Bank, president of socialist women forum, Shompa Boshu said, we are always standing with you, Palestinians.  Palestine has to be free from Israeli Zionism and western imperialism which is directly patronizing Israeli aggression against the Palestinians.

CPB women cell president Tahera Begum said, “Palestinians have been fighting against imperialism and sacrificing for their lives for the last 75 years since 1948. Since last  October, Zionism and their supporters have been openly and directly committing humanitarian acts against the women, children, and people of Gaza in the name of war against Hamas.”

“The women and the children of Gaza are being deprived of their basic needs.  Even, they are not getting minimum medical treatment. The pregnant and newborns are not getting the minimum care due to the situation created by Israeli zionists,” she added. 

Marking the struggle of palestinians as their own struggle and expressing hope for the success of the palestinians, she said, we don’t want mothers‍‍` chests to be empty and the toys of the babies to be lost under rubble. We want the mothers to be happy and smiling, and we want the babies to grow up cheerfully.

Prof. Serajul Islam Chowdhury, the chief guest of the program, in his speech marked the acts of Israeli president Benjamin Netaniyahu as the ‘new Hitlar’ and the western media as the ‘new Goebbels’ who are patronizing the crimes against human kind and framing their deeds as legal using their media as like Joseph Goebbles did for Hitlar.

Emphasizing on the incidents of Gaza, he said, the incidents that are happening in Gaza are not anything normal. These are the outcries of all the people of the world. Palestinians are the representatives of the tortured and oppressed people of the world.

“Those who are marking the Israeli genocide as the war of Hamas, are the slaves to neo-Goebbels and imperialism. We are not only against a few Hitler and Goebbels, but we are against the system that supported and produced Hitler and Goebbels,” he added.

Expressing support and sympathy for Palestinians, he said, “There is no room for defeat in our struggle. We have to win. Because defeat means death. Palestinians are fighting imperialism which we are fighting all around the world.”

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