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Fariya Reveals: “I’m Becoming a Mother”

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Published: May 12, 2024, 05:35 PM

Fariya Reveals: “I’m Becoming a Mother”

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Celebrity TV actress Fariya Sharin has shared joyful news on the occasion of World Mother‍‍`s Day, celebrating her journey into motherhood. She confirmed this personal milestone through media channels.

In February 2021, Fariya Sharin embarked on a journey with Mahfuz Rayan on the Lux Channel i Superstar platform. Two years later, in 2023, their union was officially solemnized in a family ceremony.

Reflecting on her new role, Sharin expressed, "The emotions of becoming a mother cannot be put into words. Dreams do come true. It‍‍`s a gift from God, and I feel blessed to experience it. I seek everyone‍‍`s prayers."

She emphasized the importance of keeping such news private within the family, as she believes public scrutiny often brings unnecessary pressure and stress, which can affect one‍‍`s health.

Sharin revealed, "After posting on Facebook, I felt anxious about people‍‍`s judgment. But I couldn‍‍`t resist sharing the joy of becoming a mother."

Furthermore, she highlighted the necessity of balancing career aspirations with personal life. She cautioned against prioritizing career over family, fearing it could lead to regret and disappointment in later years.

Fariya Sharin‍‍`s journey in the entertainment industry began in 2007 when she was the first runner-up in the Lux Channel i Superstar competition. She gained further recognition through her appearance in the ‍‍`Kotha Dilam‍‍` advertisement. Later, her portrayal of the character ‍‍`Antara‍‍` in the drama ‍‍`Bachelors‍‍` Point‍‍` earned her widespread acclaim.

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