A welcome respite: Rain arrives in Dhaka after prolonged heatwave

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Published: May 3, 2024, 09:00 AM

A welcome respite: Rain arrives in Dhaka after prolonged heatwave

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After a relentless month of fierce heatwave, Dhaka finally witnessed the much-desired rain, bringing a breath of cool relief.

The first drops fell around 9 pm on Thursday, as if the sky itself sighed in relief.

Across the capital, the rains whispered their arrival. The evening had already cloaked the city in heavy clouds, with occasional flashes of lightning piercing the gathering darkness, hinting at the impending downpour.

The Meteorological Department had forecasted this welcome change, signaling it as the clouds began to rumble in the evening. Lightning flickered, lighting up the sky, a prelude to the rain that would soon quench the heat-oppressed city.

The promise of rain lifted spirits, and prompted some to prepare to step out and embrace the cooling showers.

The lightning and the patter of rain gradually quieted, leaving behind a serene hush over Dhaka. Streets, dusty and dry till this evening, now glistened under the lamplight, reflecting the calm after the storm. The fleeting showers, though short-lived, provided a temporary escape from the persistent heat, whispering promises of cooler days ahead.

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