HSC exams in Sylhet begins amid ongoing floods

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Published: July 9, 2024, 10:04 AM

HSC exams in Sylhet begins amid ongoing floods

Sylhet Flood. Collected Photo (file)

The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent exams in Sylhet division, previously suspended due to flooding, has begin on Tuesday amidst the ongoing flood.

While the flood situation has slightly improved, students and parents remain anxious. Many families reported difficulties in studying as water entered their homes, raising concerns about the exam outcomes.

Several exam centres, including Sylhet‍‍`s Dakshin Surma Government College and Balaganj DN High School, are still submerged as of Monday.

Authorities assured that while water surrounds the South Surma College exam centres, the examination halls remain unaffected and ready for use. Due to flooding at Balaganj DN High School, exams will now be conducted at Balaganj Government College instead.

Earlier, the Inter-Education Board Coordination Committee had postponed the HSC and equivalent exams for Sylhet Division until July 8 due to the floods.

The first day of exams in the Sylhet division will cover the Information and Communication Technology subject.

Matiur Rahman, acting principal of South Surma Government College, said water remains at the college entrance but noted measures, such as sandbags, have been implemented for candidates‍‍` convenience. 

Professor Arun Chandra Paul, exam controller of Sylhet Education Board, said, "While there is water around some exam centres, there is no water inside, ensuring readiness for the exams to proceed on Tuesday."

Meanwhile, Sylhet Metropolitan Police have restricted public access within 200 yards of the HSC examination centres in the city to ensure student security and convenience.

Furthermore, a press release from Sylhet Metropolitan Police Commissioner Md Zakir Hossain Khan declared a ban on all public gatherings and processions around the 28 examination centres in the city and suburbs.
As of Monday at 6: 00 pm, the Surma River was reported to be flowing above the danger level at one point and the Kushiara River at two points, according to the Sylhet Water Development Board.

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