Pregnancy bars students to stay at DU dorms

Afsar Munna

Published: December 14, 2021, 12:33 AM

Pregnancy bars students to stay at DU dorms

Imagine, if a student got pregnant during her hall life, she could no longer be considered as the resident of the hall.

The crewel rules have been in operation at Dhaka University female halls for years.  

The code of conduct for female residential students of Dhaka University reads, married and working students will not be considered for getting residence at the university dorms.

Besides, female students are not allowed to go out of the hall space after 8 pm, not even in emergencies and are not allowed to store expensive goods like ornaments, transistors, radio, etc.

Dr. Lafifa Jamal, provost of Shamsunnahar Hall, said, “It has been practiced since long, but we have to change it to keep pace with the times.”

“There are five halls for female students, hall provosts have to come forward to change the culture,” she said, adding that what is happening to them should stop.

She will talk to the university authority in this regard, she assured.  

Today a group of female students met DU vice-chancellor Dr. Akhtaruzzaman with their four demands.

Their demands for the opportunity of staying hall after getting married, stooping the harassment and non-cooperative attitude by the teacher, staff and the access to the hall, providing the access of non-residents to stay at dorms in conditions of academic emergency. 

Sk Tasnim Afroz Emi, one of the students who met the VC in this regard claimed that after waiting for a long period they met the  vice-chancellor but his approach was like he did not know about it. 

In a Facebook post she said quoting the VC, “The rule will remain in operation till it is revised. 

When they asked the VC where the student will stay who has been denied to stay at the hall he replied that she knows well where she will stay,  they claimed.

However, The Report several times called Dhaka University vice-chancellor Dr. Akhtaruzzaman for his comment but he didn’t respond.

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