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Munna Mahout is a crane operator at the Rampal power plant project.

Rare surgery in Khulna saves Indian worker's wrist

Published : Feb 11, 2022 04:13:00 PM | National

In a rare surgical feat, doctors at Khulna City Medical College and Hospital (KCMCH) successfully reattached the left wrist of an Indian worker of the Rampal power plant project.

On February 6, a nine-member team, led by Dr AYM Shahidullah, performed the eight-hour-long surgery on Munna Mahout. And within three days of the operation, movement started showing in his fingers, according to hospital authorities.

Munna, a crane operator at the Rampal power plant project, was working at the project site as usual on February 6. But while ferrying some goods, his crane veered off and its glass door shattered over his hand detaching his left wrist from the body completely.

His co-workers, however, wasted no time in preserving the detached wrist in an ice-filled polyethene bag as suggested by a local doctor and rushed him to KCMCH, an hour's journey. The hospital doctors soon swung into action and conducted the rare surgery.

Munna is currently recuperating at the cardiac intensive care unit of the hospital.

Dr AYM Shahidullah, the head of the nine-member medical team, said, "Hopefully, he will recover completely."

An elated Munna said, “I did not expect I will get my hand back. Thanks to the doctors, I am able to move my fingers already.”

According to KCMCH authorities, the success in such a critical surgery is a first in Khulna and also rare in the country.