Monday, 04 Jul, 2022

2 more Bangladeshi hajj pilgrims die

By :The Report Desk
Published : Jun 22, 2022 09:50:00 PM | Latest

Two more Bangladeshi hajj pilgrims -- a man and a woman -- died in Saudi Arabia, an official confimred when contacted by the online news portal.

The deceased are Beauty Begum (47), from Dhaka, and Md Abdul Jalil Khan (62), from Pirgacha, Rangpur, said Md Jahirul Islam, counsellor of the Bangladesh Hajj Mission in Makkah.

Both of them passed away on Tuesday, according to hajj management portal, religious affairs ministry. The cause of their deaths could not be known primarily.

A total of six Bangladeshi hajj pilgrims have so far died in Saudi Arabia during this hajj season.

A total of 57,585 Bangladeshis will be able to perform the hajj this year. Of them, 4,000 will perform hajj under government management and 53, 585 people will perform hajj under private management.

Hajj flights started from Bangladesh on 5 June. The last Hajj flight from Dhaka will leave on July 4.

Hajj is likely to take place on July 8 depending on the sighting of the moon.