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Benefits of bananas for gorgeous hair

By :The Report Desk
Published : Jan 14, 2023 12:47:00 PM | Lifestyle

Bananas have numerous health benefits, which containhigh potassium content. This is a beneficial mineral for the hair and skin. It also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B and other minerals like iron and manganese, and proteins. 

The consistency of the fruit also makes it an easy ingredient for hair masks. For gorgeous hair each day, here are all the benefits for you to add this superfood in your haircare routine.

Bananas can easily remove dandruff It can remove dryness and itchiness, followed by dandruff and a flaky scalp. 

The silica content of bananas helps to improve the hair's texture from within. Applying a hair mask using an egg with a ripe banana and olive oil can help in hydrating the strands and provide a natural shine.

The hair tends to dry up especially in the winter season due to the harshness of the weather. But bananas can easily control this frizz. The natural oils of Bananas can provide hydration to the hair strands. It will also control hair loss and promote hair growth. 

Bananas ensure your hair is always hydrated and nourished and when added to a hair mask with mashed avocados is truly tremendous to say goodbye to split ends.