Friday, 30 Sep, 2022

PM wishes to give out prize money, houses to SAFF champions

By :The Report Desk
Published : Sep 22, 2022 12:21:00 PM | Latest

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina wishes  to present prize money to the members of the SAFF Championship-winning Bangladesh Women Football Team


She also plans to build houses for those who need homes.


Hasan Jahid Tusher, deputy press secretary to the prime minister, told media. 


He said: "The prime minister earlier announced to bulid a new house for Rupna Chakma. She has also ordered authorities to find out the condition of other players’ houses."


On Wednesday, Hasina directed authorities to build a house for Rupna Chakma, the goalkeeper of the Bangladesh team. 


The 18-year-old Rupna, who won the best goalkeeper award for only conceding a single goal throughout the entire SAFF tournament, had been living in a shanty in Rangamati.