Thursday, 08 Dec, 2022

E-Nothi not being used in UGC fully; officials deny allegation

By : Taufiq Hossain Mobin
Published : Feb 08, 2022 12:09:00 AM | Bangladesh

The use of E-Nothi (E-Documents) was started in the University Grants Commission (UGC) in 2019 to bring speed and transparency in the documentation process and, as part of building a digital Bangladesh. But notice was recently sent to UGC saying many of the E-Nothi users are not regularly logging in and completing their part of the E-Nothi.

The notice, sent to UGC on January 26, further added that, as many of the E-Nothi users are not completing their part of E-Nothi, much of the E-documentation work remains unfinished.

When asked, two department heads of the UGC denied this and said, more than 80 percent officers and employees of the UGC are using E-Nothi.

Sultan Mahmud, director of the General Services, Estate and Engineering division of the UGC said, Usage of E-Nothi is almost 100 percent now in the UGC office. We even have recently had a discussion regarding this matter. In a few days, the use of e-documents in UGC will be 100 percent, he claimed.

The use of E-Nothi (e-documentation) started in the government offices from March 2016 to stop bribery and corruption in addition to increasing the speed of government work. But according to media reports, use of E-Nothi has not been increased in the govt offices on a very large scale for unknown reasons in the last few years.

Dr Ferdous Zaman, director of Planning and Development division of the UGC claimed that the government instructed to increase the use of E-Nothi up to 80 percent and UGC has already reached the target.

“Some of our divisions are using E-Nothi 100 percent. There are a few divisions in which usage of E-Nothi is not fully 100 percent, but even in those departments, 80 percent or more users regularly log in and complete E-Nothi. Even the employees here are being trained to use E-Nothi. We hope usage of E-Nothi will be up to 100 percent in a few bit of time,” Sultan Mahmud said.